Mighty union, glorious plan,
Sister, Brotherhood of man,
Friendship, service, liberty,
All are found in Rotary.
Ours the joy to prove the test.
They profit most who serve the best,
Let all the people sing with zest,
Long live the day of Rotary.
Thanks to Amy Story and Tom Davis of Canandaigua Academy for assistance in creating the musical file for our Rotary Anthem. Rotarians need to learn this song because we sing it when inducting new members. 
Click on the piano to hear the tune. If your computer asks whether you want to open the file, or save it to disk, choose "open". Depending on your computer or browser, it may download the music file instead of playing it. If that happens, look for the file "anthem.mp3" in the download folder of your computer. Double-click that file to hear the music.

If clicking on the piano opens a new tab or window and blocks your view of the words, click on that previous tab or window to see the words so you can sing along.